Buying from China

Image of a Container ShipCost Savings

Often costs can be saved in the logistics of getting a product delivered to the customers’ door EVEN BEFORE we negotiate the right product from the right factory. “Remember the right price is not always the cheapest price” as inferior quality products is not the aim.


Finding the right factory

We have extensive contacts throughout the Far East and deal with many quality factories. But some times for new products the only option is for us to go and visit the factory and effect an inspection. China is a very large place and we use 14 regional offices to inspect factories and maximise the benefits of local knowledge. This service is more expensive and slightly more complicated but the benefits can save money in the longer run.


Samples are often essential to assess the quality and style of goods. The value of goods if expensive will often be charged along with courier charges (we have negotiated rates with courier) but again the sample charges will often be refunded on the placing of full container orders.

Picture of China at nightVisiting and travelling in China

We travel to China many times in a year and employ local Chinese staff that speak English.  Visas, flights, hotels and travel both to and within China can be arranged. All costs are invoiced prior to your visit and extra costs during the visit will be invoiced separately at the end. Our local offices are available for meeting with your suppliers free of charge.


Placing an Order

When you are ready to place an order we will check the details and specification of the goods. We will confirm specification packaging requirements, bar codes, shipping marks etc. In some cases a deposit will have to be paid with the order. The balance will be payable once goods are ready to ship.


Picture of Shipping Containers in DockCall Us

Pick up the phone or drop us an email. We can discuss your requirements and establish your needs. Our further involvement can be as little or as much as you require. New customers pay a once only registration payment depending on the complexities and scope of the work, this covers some of the initial costs and avoids people who use our experience and then disappear.

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