Supplier Investigation

Supplier Verification

Local suppliers are notorious for bending the truth about who they are. On more occasions that one can count, the “Sales Manager” you find online is a one-man operation or a trading company who is not at all employed by the factory and therefore has very little control over the production schedule and results for orders. TGR (IMPORT & EXPORT) LTD is dedicated to demystifying the identity of suppliers and potential suppliers. We’ll get to the truth for you. Do an on-site visit to the factory or trading company to verify if the supplier is who they in fact say they are.

We do the following checks:- Is the supplier a trading company or a factory?

  1. Check the factory capacity and compare that to your ordering needs
    2. Check the supplier’s history on making the product you want to make – and their previous business experience in the past
    3. Equipment checks including machines and plant
    4. Labour check including number of employees, engineers, managers, management structure
    5. Certifications and documents confirmation

Factory Audit

When deciding on a supplier partner, you need to know who you’re dealing with. TGR (IMPORT & EXPORT) LTD can do an on-site audit for you to ensure that the factory you’ve chosen is can meet your needs and requirements, and allows you to compare several suppliers to find the right one to do the job.
We do the following checks:
1. Check the factory scale / aptitudes / operation & capacity
2. Development / technology
3. Quality management
4. Delivery time & follow-up management
5. State of ethical management

Social Audit

Social Audit raises the standards of workers in developing nations and ensures that you are contributing to the solution and not to the problem. TGR (IMPORT & EXPORT) LTD can check whether or not your potential supplier partner abides by social, health and safety standards. This matters to you and it matters to your customers and end consumers. Do the right thing!
TGR (IMPORT & EXPORT) LTD Social Compliance Audit includes the following:
Health and Safety Standards
Compensation and Over Time Pay
Working hours
Working Environment
Child Labour
Forced Labour
TGR (IMPORT & EXPORT) LTD knows Social Audit. Because we are Western managed, we know the importance of the social and humanitarian aspect of international trade and stand by our customers and international organizations to encourage fair business practices. By using TGR (IMPORT & EXPORT) LTD Social Compliance service, your company can know the real situation for fair practice in the factory.


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