Procurement Advice

Price and Terms Negotiations

Improving our customers’ bottom line is a top priority for us and that means locating qualified suppliers, comparing prices and using negotiation skills to get a fair price. We aim to save you money and increase your profit margin.
Say the word and TGR (IMPORT & EXPORT) LTD will go back to the negotiating table with your current factories and their competitors to ensure that YOU are getting the best price possible for your product. We take several factors into account when negotiating a fair price including materials, market prices, etc.
Experience allows TGR (IMPORT & EXPORT) LTD to break products down by components to calculate advantageous prices in a variety of product categories. We use this knowledge to negotiate better deals with suppliers on your behalf.
On average our price negotiation skills have created product price reductions of 2-10% for each of our customers. We will get results for your company and increase your profit margin! Your success is our success.

Product Sourcing

TGR (IMPORT & EXPORT) LTD is dedicated to identifying, approaching, engaging and comparing quality suppliers for our customers to properly evaluate which will be the best supplier partner for your business, your orders and your customers. TGR (IMPORT & EXPORT) LTD China has put orders in at over 50 factories in China.
TGR (IMPORT & EXPORT) LTD Sourcing Process ensures that we locate the right factories for the job at hand. With 15 years experience in sourcing and production, our database of suppliers is vast and we know how to size up new potential suppliers.
With our local presence in China, we help our customers minimize the risk out of putting orders in at a new factory. Couple this with our consistent pursuit of Customer Satisfaction; we efficiently and comprehensively accumulate information necessary to make a buying decision clear.
Based on factors such as passing quality inspections, on-time delivery, professionalism, financial stability of factory – the success rate of orders placed to the factories that we recommend to customers is off the charts! We do the research, You get the results.

Quality Assurance

Proper preparation and evaluation before an order is place can prevent big headaches down the road. Consider all the details of your order before it is placed. We can assist you to evaluate your product and the raw materials that will be needed and also areas of caution to suggest the factory to pay attention to. TGR (IMPORT & EXPORT) LTD QA service can assists you to avoid large-scale issues in mass production of your goods, as we present you a report of our effective corrective measures, danger areas in production to watch out for, and suggestions. To keep you informed, we will also report on production efficiency and estimated delivery time of the factory without Order Follow Up Service.
TGR (IMPORT & EXPORT) LTD professional inspector will visit the factory on site and do random sampling and relevant checking from the semi-finished or packed products during the mass production.

  1. Check safety performance / practicality / appearance
    2. Upon identifying defects, take corrective action accordingly
    3. Check details of the product with desired inspection standards
    4. Focus on key point of the products
    5. Record findings of the findings and take some samples for further re-checking if necessary.
    6. Inform customer of irreparable defects.
    7. Take photos of all defects.


There no question that most companies are more comfortable to work with local companies on engineering new product prototypes. This might sound logical considering that China is on the other side of the world. In addition to the need for design and engineering procurement support from China, other considerations include protecting intellectual property, feasibility studies, development of blueprints, technical drawings, mass production and packaging issues.
All above is true, however some companies might consider the cost savings associated with moving engineering and prototyping work to China – TGR (IMPORT & EXPORT) LTD is an experienced and professional partner in making this happen. We have a great deal of experience developing new products and he have aided dozens of customers develop their products from concept to production to the marketplace. TGR (IMPORT & EXPORT) LTD has its own in-house design and engineering teams combining excellence with cost savings.

Lab Testing Advice

TGR (IMPORT & EXPORT) LTD provides a quick, and cost efficient route for product approvals with its affiliated Testing Laboratory. TGR (IMPORT & EXPORT) LTD handles all your needs for product certifications; including pre-compliance testing. For organizations with global markets and multiple product categories, TGR (IMPORT & EXPORT) LTD provides a One-Stop-Solution for International Markets.
TGR (IMPORT & EXPORT) LTD is an accredited Certification Body and an accredited Testing Laboratory for various product categories. TGR (IMPORT & EXPORT) LTD can help get your devices certified for international markets; Canadian, USA, European Union (CE Marking), as well as 43 countries subscribing to the IEC CB Scheme. Our expertise extends from consumer goods, to the healthcare, recreational, marine/offshore and industrial products.

Legal Service

TGR (IMPORT & EXPORT) LTD provides legal and attorney services for those in need. Contact us for more details.

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